Thursday, November 8, 2012

yes we CAN

It was during the holiday season when I was shot and was hospitalized ( November 20 2008) , it was Thanksgiving the holiday that my family depressingly celebrated in the ICU department at highland hospital. Even though heavily sedated I was able to acknowledge that it was Thanksgiving and for my mom, brother or sister it was just another emotionally heavy day of  " Caheri" duty. 

Families are suffering from deaths and violent injuries , actually more in the holiday season than ever. Imagine the poor families who just lost a son or daughter or the families that will continue to suffer as the holidays approach. Folks who are dealing with issues such as these lack motivation or a sense of drive, lets light up their spirits by donating a can of food (non perishable)!

I know that personally coming from a low income family Thanksgiving is more of a hard project than a holiday. With insufficient funds and roiling spirits families might very easily turn away from this opportunity to share relation and appreciation with one another. I dont have to say more because i know many of yall feel me. Some of us are still living in the hood some of us have moved out but in the end we all come from that same place and we know the hardships.

 Be kind , you never know... you might help save a life.