Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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dear diary

what the heck is up ?
i havent reported in a while , theres just been to much happening that i havent had the time to sit down,open a window and type. SIGH
so ... LIFE
life is good i guess? No it is I cant complain.
So I went to Chicago from Oct 12 through the 15 for a training to become a certified Master Trainer for a curriculum i teach named Safe Dates.

I had such an amazing time in Chicago. Not only did i enjoy the beautiful city and its architecture but i also learned alot from the actual training. I feel honored and fortuitous to have been given the opportunity to accomplish that in my young life. But guess what ... the DEEP DISH PIZZA AND POPCORN SUCKED! yea stone me chicago people but i just completely disagree i think mr. pizza man in downtown oakland actually has better thin crust pizza than you guys. lol!
Of course I shop shopped in chi town. I had a great time.

Be back later , I have a meeting with Jim O'Brien! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

conversations of trachea scarred humans

Report :Yesterday
I have a trach scar too...
Report · 11:56am
thats tight , wr different
Report · 12:08pm
Wr different? Why did you get yours?
Report · 12:09pm
i got shot in my face and couldnt breath thru my nose and you?
Report · 12:10pm
That's hella crazy. I'm sorry to hear that. I know, you probably hear that a lot, but you survived! Me, not as drastic. I was in a coma for a month.
Report · 12:10pm
wow , thats drastic why wr you in a coma?
Report · 12:11pm
I had my wisdom teeth pulled and got hella sick from the dentist. I was in SF GH for 52 days. How or why did you get shot? Stray? Accident? Purpose? 
Report · 12:19pm
are you serious you went into a coma becasue of your wisdom teeth? thats fucking insane
i was on the way to work and a random car pulled up and started shooting , unfortunately i was the one who receive the bullet.
Report · 12:26pm
That's crazy, I bet you were like "WTF! WTF! Really? I got shot in the face?" I can't imagine dude. But you look so gorgeous regardless, I didn't even realize anything. I just saw your scar, and I was like whoa. Not every day you meet people with trach scars. Did you find out who did it? Did you forgive them?
Report · 12:31pm
right thats why i said we are different , people who have trach scars are special , we go thru alot of judgment and people staring at sucks sometimes, but i never found out who did it and yes i would forgive them if i ever found out , but i will never forget. 
Report · 12:34pm
Oh, I thought you were saying we are different, as in me and you. Lol I was like, definitely. You went through chaos. Me, I just took a nap. Haha. I bet this changed your life, and you're like a rocket now. 
Report · 12:36pm
thats a good way to put it , i do feel like a rocket now , i got another chance to live i make the most of ever second that i get, no seriously being in a coma is terrifying for me, your blessed man. im glad you made it thru

one day

Friday, October 7, 2011


was it my body or was it my face
or was it my intellect that once drove you insane? 
I need to know.

Thursday, October 6, 2011