Monday, October 10, 2011

conversations of trachea scarred humans

Report :Yesterday
I have a trach scar too...
Report · 11:56am
thats tight , wr different
Report · 12:08pm
Wr different? Why did you get yours?
Report · 12:09pm
i got shot in my face and couldnt breath thru my nose and you?
Report · 12:10pm
That's hella crazy. I'm sorry to hear that. I know, you probably hear that a lot, but you survived! Me, not as drastic. I was in a coma for a month.
Report · 12:10pm
wow , thats drastic why wr you in a coma?
Report · 12:11pm
I had my wisdom teeth pulled and got hella sick from the dentist. I was in SF GH for 52 days. How or why did you get shot? Stray? Accident? Purpose? 
Report · 12:19pm
are you serious you went into a coma becasue of your wisdom teeth? thats fucking insane
i was on the way to work and a random car pulled up and started shooting , unfortunately i was the one who receive the bullet.
Report · 12:26pm
That's crazy, I bet you were like "WTF! WTF! Really? I got shot in the face?" I can't imagine dude. But you look so gorgeous regardless, I didn't even realize anything. I just saw your scar, and I was like whoa. Not every day you meet people with trach scars. Did you find out who did it? Did you forgive them?
Report · 12:31pm
right thats why i said we are different , people who have trach scars are special , we go thru alot of judgment and people staring at sucks sometimes, but i never found out who did it and yes i would forgive them if i ever found out , but i will never forget. 
Report · 12:34pm
Oh, I thought you were saying we are different, as in me and you. Lol I was like, definitely. You went through chaos. Me, I just took a nap. Haha. I bet this changed your life, and you're like a rocket now. 
Report · 12:36pm
thats a good way to put it , i do feel like a rocket now , i got another chance to live i make the most of ever second that i get, no seriously being in a coma is terrifying for me, your blessed man. im glad you made it thru

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