Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She died on November 20,2008

Daniel and I sat at buttermilk restaurant in Oakland California, on a thursday it was about 9:15pm november 20,2008. That was the last public place that ever saw my appearance as I was before, before the shooting at least.
Hours before our dinner I receieved a call from my mom asking me to help her clean the office she was working at during that time, I agree. It was getting closer to night time and The office still needed to be cleaned. As I sat in that chair high with akward Daniel I thought it would be a great idea if my best friend came along. So I called her "hey bitch come with me to clean the office I'll be there in 15 mins" she replied "bitch it's hella late my dad is gonna be trippin off me" then I said "man just come I'll be outside in 15 bye"
We left the restaurant and headed north east towards the 30's to pick my bestie up. Now a party of three headed to the office; I sparked up a blunt and turned up the music. We rode on the 580 freeway...destination 98th ave exit golf links.
Daniel drove the sl500 Mercedes Benz I sat in the passenger seat and my best friend Maricel chilled in the back. We hit the exit as I hit the marijuana, the smoke danced in front of me when I exhaled. I was relaxed with only one real thought: the office. The office was located by the Oakland airport and we where almost there. Now coming down 98th ave we passed up e.14 ,then A st then B...C,D.
We all sat quiet all you heard was the music.
we pulled up at the stop light on 98th ave and San leandro blvd.

One gun, one bullet, one shooter,one young girl.
SHOCCCCKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSS , From the top of my head electrifying me to the bottom of my feet. I couldn't make any sense of what was occurring.then I hear so lightly in the background a voice I recognized: my best friend , she's screaming "what's going on?! Ahhhhhh what the fuck what the fuck!" I could barely hear her but I knew she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Then I react.
Daniel is shouting "I'm shot I'm shot!" I turn to look at him and he's displaying his arm at me, he had a bullet wound through his arm. I tried to grab his arm, that's when he pulled back and said "oh my god Caheri! Your shot Caheri!" that's when it made sense. I touched my face and my hand slumped in. I looked foward to the dashboard squinted my eyes and realized that my skin, cheek, bone and teeth laid there in a bloody mess. My heart started racing, I look around, I looked behind me to the right and I see it. The bullet hole.

Blood is gushing, people inside of the car screaming and me I sat there facing forward and started fading. All of the lights started looking blurry, I started to lose my breath and then ... A blanket of sleepiness seemed to posses my body ,so heavily that I could barely even keep my eye lids open. I wasn't in any pain, I was numb and aware.

I started feeling like I was leaving,falling asleep so heavily and quickly, one thought came to mind: my mom. Then another: I hope she knows I didn't die in any pain.

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