Thursday, March 7, 2013

Amazon Kindle Single

So the long awaited Amazon Kindle Single officially published today , a few minutes ago!
Go get your single , it is available for purchase and the best part is that its only $0.99
I cant tell you how ecstatic i am about this. My heart is pumping fast and I keep thinking about my mom and my brother, my sister and father. Also my family in Mexico ...wishing that my grandparents were alive to witness this accomplishment. It also makes me think of all of my friends and all of the people I know from Oakland who have experience a tragedy like mines and EVEN WORSE. If you are reading this now, I hope that you realize that YOU have a story too.

 I hope that with this project I am able to bring attention to the reality of my people and the needs of our city. I hope that this piece inspires youth in urban communities to ALWAYS move forward, even if they think that they never will never be able to.  I pledge to always speak up for my city, Oakland.

Thank you
 Mom, Tammy Cloud, Jim O'Brien, Julie the Paramedic, Highland Hospital, Youth Alive and to all of the people who have continued to support and encourage me.

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  1. I may not know you or cross path with you in this lifetime. But you have my utmost RESPECT! YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF TRUTH & A SURVIVOR.

    As I begin to study for my finals I came across your beautiful face (scars or not) on the internet from tragedies like yours. Took me over an hour to read ALL of your blogs, but I must admit. It was worth every time. The lord gave you a second chance in life because he knew you will definitely make a difference in this world with your determination, genuine vibe, the struggle you have endured, and many more.


    I am not rich nor living good since I am only a college student striving to have a better future. But if there is anything you need help with to reaching out to different youths and businesses please let me know. I am more than happy to help you in anyway.


    Mai-Anh Nguyen