Thursday, March 7, 2013

Moving In

 I received a ton of great news in a week. The publishing of my story and now the awesome news from my new landlord : the place is mine!

For a couple of months ive been searching high and low , east and west and finally I found a beautiful apartmen in a safe haven. One of my biggest concerns was location (I still have a hard time sleeping because of my PTSD ) I get really anxious at night. That is one of the reasons I moved out of Oakland into Castro Valley 4 years ago. The location of my new apartment is perfect for me in addition it is very spacious and cute.

 I feel like such an adult. But ive also realized that being an adult kinda SUCKS! So many bills and responsibilities, talk about a budget. Im ready to take it on though.

Well now the search for bathroom mats, couches, curtains and kitchen cooking things begins.

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