Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Speaker

As I continue this journey in life and my career , I have been lucky enough to have met the right people
Part of my job description is to be a speaker... for our non profit and for our curriculum.
My first experience speaking outside of the agency was for Mr. Kevin Grant 
I spoke in front of a girls juvenile hall probation group.
ever since then ive been networking and landing contracts with various organizations.
Thanks to the girls scouts of North America
I was given the opportunity to become a speaker for Santa Clara County
I spoke inside of the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall (amazing experience)
and also at a couple other detention centers around the county.

I am now a consultant for the city of Oakland Ca. 
None of this would have been made possible without 
Tammy Cloud , Lisa Wild , Anne Marks and Kevin Grant
thank you from the heart.

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