Thursday, August 11, 2011

I walk around scared

All these layers of trauma and stress presure and disorganized mess, relationship status and weight on my chest. What the fuck am i "suppose" to do, how the fuck am i "suppose" to act?!
I dont even care , i dont even bother thinking about that response because when the lights cut off at the end of the night and im in my bed alone all i have is myself and my brain and my skills and my thoughts and my goals and thats whats important. Not what i should and shouldnt say.
Unless of course its professional, being at work is something else we all have to code switch when we have to be professional but we cant be professionals all day , especially me im new to this whole thing , ive been a crazy kid most of my life so whenever i get the chance to be in a room where i can take off my professional coat , i take it off and i embrace me. Crazy little smart ass caheri from the east. Goodnight people. Dont judge me, its not healthy.
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