Thursday, July 5, 2012

whats my favorite word?

BITCH  [bich] noun
a female dog: The bitch won first place in the sporting dogs category.
2.a female of canines generally.
3.Slang .a.
a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.
b.a lewd woman.
c.Disparaging and Offensive . any woman.
4.Slang . a person who performs demeaning tasks for another; servant: Tom is so her bitch; she just ordered him to go fetch her some pizza—and he went without a word.
5.Slang . a convict who is in a homosexual relationship and/or dominant relationship willingly or unwillingly in the prison setting: The new inmate was immediately forced to be the bitch of the prison's top dog.

True story , if you walk into an Oakland middle school and you ask the students:
"whats my favorite word?"
 99% percent will reply with pride in their word ..."BITCH"
Music makes the world go round, so its no secret that music is also influencing our youth. Especially in very misogynistic ways. 
Some of us may say we just like the song because of the beat. That may be the case but these melodies and lyrics are so catchy that before you know if youre ranting "I said it must be ya ass cause it aint ya face" or calling yourself a "5 star bitch".

Rap songs glorify being gangsta, selling dope, cookin crack , hittin licks, fuck you pay me, revenge and having hoes.
Now a days music glamorizes sexual exploitation.
...follow me.

Why is it that most of the girls that I grew up and went to school with are now escorts in different states or sexually exploited women on e.14?
These girls arent youre regular drug user-self esteem issues-daddy wasnt there type, they are huge hearted family oriented beauty queens with the potential of being America's first lady president.

I recall a few years ago when selling your body was looked down on , it was much more secretive and private. It was a sensitive subject.

Now EVERYONE is putting themselves up for display. I believe the music plays a vital part.
The hottest rapper in the streets is Rick Ross.
The base of Rick Ross' lyrics are drug sales and romanticizing "fly escorts".
Ross describes the life of an escort as a commodity.
Its not even just Rick Ross, its almost every rapper. The trending topic in music is "hoes".
It makes me very disappointed to see these gorgeous girls exploiting themselves this way.

Im not implying that everyone should stop listening to rap music, im just saying : dont let the lyrics influence you , be a critical thinker.

I believe that if a woman is physically attractive she should become a positive example to younger girls looking up to her, because automatically she has their attention.
It is also a slap in the face for girls who work legitimately hard for every dollar. While we are breaking our backs and saving every penny for the chance to take a nice vacation or buy a nice handbag ...these shallow girls are at the mall milking a trick for everything they have.

Its disturbing. I just want all the beauties to get together, educate themselves and make for great examples. Imagine how much more powerful we would be.


  1. My high school best friend back in 06 till 08ish were like so into you and the rest of the "vixen" girls back in MySpace era!! Lol we would sit in front of our computer screens and just admire your guys style and how gorgeous you all look! We loved how dressed that sexy street look but at the same time you seemed to have that hard knock life which was intimidating to us. We thought they prolly "bitches and straight up mean girls" anyways.. We ended up disconnecting with your page and we just stopped following your pictures on MySpace. But it's crazy how another friend mine had u added on instagram.. And I thought to myself... Oh my gosh! I found the chick I admired!

  2. ... So I decided to follow you which I ended up here.. I wanted to know the story behind the accident and so I read some of your blog entries.. And I just was inspired on how you brought a bad moment into a good moment as well as a different outlook in your future. And i wanted to leave this comment to let you know that NOW you are both beautiful inside and out. Now you seem to be a real girl. Not the intimating girl.. But a well-rounded women with a splash of edgy! Lol but seriously I really wanted to let you know that you are beautiful because you seem to be real with yourself which transcends into your personality!!
    Love Mayra