Wednesday, June 6, 2012

pictures and comments of the Alameda Health Care Foundation Gala

Lets just say that was life changing.
I finally got to thank Alameda County Health Care for saving my life the night of November 20,2008.
This was a promise that I made to myself during the days of my recovery.
Attending the gala was an experience , this was my first so i felt really lucky and fancy. It was also a pleasure to bring my mom as my guest.
I also got to meet the CEO of highland...took my breath away. WHY? : he is African American! he is tall and he was accompanied by his beautiful wife. Seeing him INSPIRED me tremendously , no like seriously ... I had a "very proud to be colored" moment. Im always looking up to people of power who are of color, what a great role model Mr.Wright Lassiter III.
The event had a Paris theme so when it was my turn to speak i put my french skills to work and introduced my self by saying  " Bonjour , Je m'appelle Caheri Gutierrez " and the rest is history...great history.


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