Monday, May 20, 2013

my KTVU experience

I bet some of you are curious to know how KTVU is going. Well I terminated my KTVU internship before it ended. I learned how important internships really are. Its like a "gut check" said the hardworking Amber Lee. And it sure was for me, the longer i stayed there the more i figured out that news is not where I want to be. What discouraged me? The writing! lol ironically. I guess I never really understood exactly how tedious the work of a reporter actually is. Its not just fashion and TV its more like write write write erase and edit. Im not confident in my writing and composition so i felt greatly set back. Also I saw how hard and passionate the interns worked and how much they already knew about the profession. After a while i started to feel guilty for being there... i mean i am a young lady that is going to college to become a   nurse and all of the other interns were so juiced about broadcasting and journalism. I started to think damn ... i bet there is a kid out there that would die to be in this position and here i am not really taking this serious. Of course i worked hard, completed tasks, went above and beyond expectations but in the end I wasn't fully invested. I will tell you something tho...  
Frank Sommerville: DOWN TO EARTH STUD! Im sure people might think that he might be a bit arrogant but he totally isnt. He is remarkably relatable, honest,humorous, hard working and genuinely kind. Also he adopted a black baby girl a few years back (THUMBS UP) and when he talks about her and interacts with her you can just tell that he is so in love with his daughter. She is such a cute little diva too! I spent alot of my time at KTVU talking with Frank. He asked me about my story, we talked about my brother , my sister , the future , oakland. He shared cool stories and meaningful advice. He also kind of reminded me of Superman ... he is pretty tall and handsome and just seems like a hero. He is a superstar.
Julie Haener: MISS USA BARBIE DOLL! If any of you have ever seen Julie Haener in person will agree that this woman is remarkably beautiful. Best part is she is not just beautiful on the outside but she is also such a beautiful person at heart. She was so encouraging and she always gave me compliments. I love women like that...women who are physically stunning but are very relatable, kind and down to earth.
Mark Ibanez: ROCKSTAR! Mark was a straight up rockstar. He's been in the biz for a few years and he acts like it. He is really laid back and REAL. When he wasnt on camera he was at his desk in his casual jeans and white cotton t shirt. Other times he would be walking around in his Nike gym shorts and fitted workout shirt, cracking jokes. This dude is so cool , he acknowledged and greeted the janitors whenever they were around. This man was so cool and nonchalant but very serious when it came down to work and research.

 As an intern I got to see how television works and how important it is to stay on time when on air. I went out to shoot a story with two wonderful women: Erika the camera woman and Jana katsuyama the reporter. I learned how to run scrips lol  and how to log in forthcoming events in a program named the datebook. I was also at KTVU when Kenny Clutch was murdered in a shooting that led to a fiery crash on the vegas strip.That shit was crazy to see because Kenny was my friends babydaddy. She had just given birth to their daughter a few months before he was killed. It was interesting to see how reporters portrayed him and the story. All of these folks were so good to me. I feel like I spent most of my time at KTVU chatting with the wonderful people listed above...sharing stories, advice,experiences and lots of laughs. . I learned that I didnt want to be in the news biz , well actually I like to be interviewed and share my opinion on television but i dont really have an interest in creating stories and reporting. My fellow interns were such interesting and awesome people. It was great to see how passionate they were about news. I believe that one day they will be working in a news station fulfilling their dreams. I made a good connection with them as well. One intern in particular : Sherae Ann Honeycutt. She is a rockstar and KTVU loves her. Another important part of this experience is that because of it my self esteem was boosted. I am a person that struggles with my self esteem and being beautiful. Frank, Julie and Mark made me feel important and special. After sharing my personal story with Frank Sommerville he shared an unforgettably kind Facebook post about me. Hundreds or maybe thousands of people wrote kind and encouraging messages about me. It was hard to sleep that night , i was overwhelmed with the recognition, love and support that i was receiving. Around the same time that I was at KTVU , the book that was written about me and Oakland named Until You Bleed : The Caheri Gutierrez Story became published as a Kindle Single , Mark and Julie didnt hesitate to talk to me about my experience and to recognize me for the hard work that I do. Their feedback meant so much to me, you wouldnt even imagine.  I am so grateful for that KTVU experience, I taught me alot. It is something that i will never forget, something that i will be talking about to my grandchildren.

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