Monday, May 20, 2013

suggestions and/or questions

Hey guys,
havent checked in with you in a while.

For a moment I thought about deleting my blog, i felt like i was saturating. And then alot of personal things in my dating relationship began to happen , of course i wanted to vent and write about it but at the same time i was hesitant. I bought a journal and started venting there. Ive been writing in this journal for a while, it cleans me.

So why did i decide to come back? Well i have noticed an increase in page views and in addition people constantly refer to my blog and ask about it. So i feel like its right to keep this baby refreshed and updated. Lastly my life is an open book , im pretty honest and i like to share my thoughts and experiences with the public because i know people can relate to me. Also im hoping that my experience in overcoming a tragedy can inspire a few.

Alot has been happening in my life.

I have many events and great stuff to write about like
  •  my new apartment
  • school
  •  the recent project with Oakland North that was filmed, shot and directed by Debora Silva from UC Berkeley
  • A short documentary about my that was filmed and directed by Sherae Ann Honeycutt
  • me wanting to get into singing SO BAD
  • The interview to become and Intervention Specialist at Youth ALIVE!
  • my job in general
  •  my latest Newspaper appearance on Vision Hispana
  • The Rihanna concert
  • Mother's Day
  • Mexico
  • My Dad
  • My house in Mexico
  • awesome updated pictures
  •  many other things

I know there might be certain things you all might be interested in reading about so I encourage you to drop some suggestions and or questions. It would also be easy for me to just pick a topic rather than thinking and thinking about what youd like to know.
I find my self to be super busy with life. I am trying to balance my work,school, relationship,bills,professional life and personal life so I have little time to check in. But i promise I will very very soon.


muaaaah xoxoxoxoxoxxooxxoxo

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