Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You can now listen to Until You Bleed :)

OMG, Ive read this story many times but it sounds even tighter. 
Listen to a sample of my story Until You Bleed written by James O'brien.

There are places in America where a scar, physical or emotional, speaks louder than a badge or a pulpit or a diploma ever could. In 2008, Caheri Gutierrez, a young model from one of Oakland's most dangerous neighborhoods, was shot in her beautiful face and nearly killed in a drive-by. Until You Bleed tells the story of her journey from troubled youth to traumatized victim to community leader seeking to heal herself and her city.

Visión Hispana calls Until You Bleed "captivating." The San Francisco Chronicle says Gutierrez is "an unforgettable subject." Until You Bleed features interviews with the Mayor of Oakland and other city leaders, while it traces the history of the homicide rate in Oakland and the city's slow awakening to its impact and meaning. But it is Gutierrez' story, her courage and honesty, that readers find most riveting. Survivors of gun violence have crucial things to tells us about how the bullet wounded not just their bodies, but their minds and lives, their families and communities. Until You Bleed gives a victim and a city each a voice.

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