Thursday, January 23, 2014

music by caheri

I'm into singing, everyone who really knows me, knows that. Ive been singing since about 5 years old. Anyways , i was looking through my old archives and found this little gem. This song was recorded in 2009 shortly after the shooting. If you listen closely you can hear my lisp. Back in 09 my mouth palatalization was worse than it is now. It was harder for me to make out precise sounds. Almost like Kanye on his "thru the wire" track.  The song isnt the best quality because it hasnt been mastered and maybe i would change some of my lyrics to make the chorus more complex but I must say that the message resonates with you because it is so poignant.
Singing is one of the things i do to release stress and to bring calming. I love singing just as much as i love volleyball. In fact in 2003 I was torn in between making the decision of staying and recording a demo with a talent agency named "Tengo Talento" or accepting the golden bear volleyball club offer. 
I chose volleyball, but i never lost the passion for my music.


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