Tuesday, December 20, 2011

memories are fresh

As I was looking through my photobucket I clicked into this picture of myself. 
I stared for a good minute and then let out a sigh
sometimes I wish I could go back, sometimes I wish I could look like this.


  1. If you looked like this, and still had the same mentality, you would not be the person that you have grown to be. Everyone is scarred, some inside and some out, from treading through life. It's up to you to dictate where your new visage leads you, however. Do not feel too bad for what you feel is your comparative diminished aesthetics; I would argue that throughout everything that has happened to you, you manage to radiate an incessant beauty :)

    May I ask, out of curiousity, what would you do if the opportunity presented itself for you to regain what you once had through plastic surgery? Would you do it out of the need to placate the desire to have things as they once were or would you continue to strive as you already have?


  2. I do want plastic surgery , and the reason being is not so i can go back to being how i once was , because i love the person ive become but i would consider receiving surgery so i can feel COMFORTABLE around other people. You have no idea how i feel at times in public with my deformity. Its embarrassing.