Monday, February 6, 2012

dear feb.

I havent checked in a while. So much has happened since the last time i inserted a blogger entry.
But today i find myself calm, collective and proactive. Today i start educating the 8th graders at Frick middle school in Oakland. Im very anxious to get my feet wet and embark a new relationship and conversation with the kids and staff here.
Frick middle has had experiences with violence. A couple of years ago a student was run over by a car while she was crossing the street, alot of her classmates saw the incident, i know it was traumatic. When i can relate to people or when people can relate to me this experience and curriculum unfolds beautifully.
Im anxious to speak out this morning. I have my brother heavily on my mind and i still have some depression and ptsd floating around. It seems to me that i heal when i speak out about my these situations, these consequences and better yet these alternatives.
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