Thursday, May 3, 2012


Ive spent days, ive spent months , ive spent years 
trying to gain something back 
something that i cant get back 
wont ever get back
my very own identity
physical identity
it was ripped away
into chunks and pieces
i saw it all in front of me
the blood bath
 my bones
my teeth
my gums
my cheek
i used to be 
a flawless face
confident with every step id take
i stare in the mirror 
from time to time
looking at 
these ugly fucking lines

I walk around
i pretend to block 
what i see
the people 
their eyes
right in that area
im never envious 
when i see a beauty
i smile and admire
but when im alone
im saddened 
i cant compete
they say you cant love someone 
until you love yourself


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