Monday, May 7, 2012

San Francisco Magazine / April Issue 2012

photographic memory
I remember seeing the pictures before the magazine came out and just hating the way I looked in them. I hated them because I looked so deformed. I remember telling someone about this and he said "well Caheri , they are ...FRANK" I wont ever forget that, he kept it so real. I guess there are better angles of my face but this angle is the best for this article. 
Thank you
 Jim O'brien , Eva Kolenko and San Francisco Magazine

Caheri Gutierrez, at the scene of her violent attack, a drive by shooting at 98th and San Leandro. Seriously one of the bravest chicks I have ever met. Somehow she has not only been able to recover from the horror of being shot, but she has the courage to repeatedly recount the details of her experiences to kids in the hopes that they avoid life of violence. - Eva Kolenko

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