Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Caheri's Closet

Caheri's Closet came to town and hit the ground running! This could have only been made possible with the support of my shoppers. I call them "Happy Girls" and/or "Gucci Girls". Why? Well I believe the key to life is happiness , also Happy girls are the prettiest and well ultimately I just hope to send good vibes to my babies (oh yea i call my girl supporters: baby). As far as the gucci girl title ...well some people call me GUCCI , so a gucci girl means a girl that is on my side. I just want to clarify ...not ALL of my shoppers are girls , there are Gucci Guys too.
 I have gotten a good response from buyers. Mainly because I only sell things that I know the public would like. Seeing the success that Caheri's Closet has brought encourages me to take fashion design seriously. I have been working on creating new designs , new logos and trying to find a good quote on t-shirt and sweater printing. In the near future I will post my design drafts and maybe ask for your help in selecting the chosen one. Fashion design has been a hobby that i have been flirting with since i was 15. Have you ever gotten a glance of my regretful stomach tatt? It reads : LAVISH LUXURY. Well I got that tatt when I was 15 and it represented the name of my "clothing line". Of course now I regret everything about that tattoo EXCEPT for the fact that my very own older brother Gustavo tatted me.
 I would love to expand CC ... like make an actual website instead of using Big Cartel and also creating and online club where my people can sign up to receive discounts and giveaways also exclusive playlist's. I hope to continue giving buyers satisfaction and self esteem.

I dedicate this blog to my supporters: LOVE Caheri

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