Wednesday, January 16, 2013

my birthday.

DUDE! Im turning 23 next month!
That is really sad , to me. Like seriously where does time go ? 
Well on the bright side a birthday can also mean that a  little celebration is forthcoming.

Ive been thinking man.
I dont have many friends in fact I only have two. As much as I want to I cant trust my Oakland folks to be in good behavior if i throw a party at my house or somewhere. 
So what option is left? 
Actually no, its not like this idea is my last resort, it is actually an ideal birthday thought.

I would love to have a gathering at a chic, hipster, mature location. You know like MUA or something. My ideal guest list would include all professionals. Like everyone from my office, Mr.Silver and his beautiful wife, Kevin Grant, Nicole from FVLC of course Jim O'brien, my inspiration AR and staff from Highland hospital. I would also love for Julie the paramedic to attend. There are a few people I am missing, im sure the list will develop.

That's really all I want. To be inspired on my birthday. 
I love those people, I learn so much from them.

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday caheri. I wish i can meet you one day, you are so humble and a beautiful woman.

    P.s. will you be giving out any free clothes of yours or anything?? If so pleasseee let us all know please ! :) &Thankyou! God bless