Monday, July 25, 2011

Surgery #6

Good morning all,
I havent communicated with in a while. I was on vacation in mexico with my dad. I came back saturday evening.
Today is monday july 25,2011.
I have a surgical procedure to undergo this morning at 8:00am.
Yes another, and this isnt the last either. But im so excited.
Today i get permanent teeth. I get teeth implants. Since 2009 i have been wearing dentures due to the shooting. The shooting happened in 2008 but i was teethless from the right side until 09.
Well im just checking in, just cgecking in. I know that this surgery will turn out great.
Im a little scared but then i think: shit ive been through so much already , this is the easy parts.
(im actually scared af but i need to be positive cause what i say i receive)
I remember when i laid in the hospital bed with tubes coming out of my nose and throat and screws coming out of my face and i thought, "when is this gonna be over when will i look normal again?"
Well truth is , i dont look all the way 100 but i look so much different , much better than i looked when i came out of that surgery room the very first time on november 20 ,2008.
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