Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To my brother G

Burn it homes, isnt that what your friends always say? Get money and fuck bitches all day?! I know deep inside you wanna run away catch a plane and move to another state. This life here in oakland is nothing but shit, all niggas in the streets fuck the same hoes use the same drugs and wear the same clothes. You say you wanna die young, truly you sound dumb. Theres something wrong in your dome. It seems like you hate home. I aint trippin no moe im eighteen, shit aint the same anymore. There where nights i couldnt sleep thinking about you getting killed, put in a bag and took to a creek but now you really killed my dreams i see past you and i got differeng views. I still love you and your still my hero even though you lost your mind. Yellin r.i.p. To yo niggas 6 feet deep standing there thinking "that couldve been me" im not gonna sit here and ask why anymore because i got a life, if you wanna stay behind then go ahead and die. Theres nothing colder than hearing a young girl cry. But i cant do shit about the situation where the colors dont split thats why you die young where the bullets fly
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