Saturday, September 17, 2011

anticipating a great deal

Tomorrow September 17 , I will be interviewed by a reporter named Shuka from San Francisco , when I talked to her on the phone today she said she would be recording an audio and also there would be a camera filming.
We will meet tomorrow at 1 pm , here at my house. I have a weeding reception to go to tonight but im tryng to clean my room as much as possible! haha. Im excited to see how this turns out. I really dont know who she writes for or where she is from but my director connected us together, I trust my director.

From October 13-16 I will be in Chicago! I will be flying out to Chi town for a training, I am most excited about this trip, I thank my manager and John Torres for giving me this opportunity. Initially I was flying out to Minnesota ,but the program was changed, im actually happy about this change. Cant wait to further my knowledge and experience Chicago.

The high school homie Natassia also known as Kreayshawn and I have exchanged ideas about filming a story or documentary about oakland , including a few stories and mine. Honestly i think that would be dope because she is from Oakland and with her fame she can raise awareness on  a higher scale. Hopefully she finds sometime to make this happen. Not only is this girl a rapper but she has impeccable filming skills, Im excited.

In November Youth ALIVE! is celebration our big 20th year anniversary. I am anticipating this day with anxiety because I will be speaking at this event, I hope i dont get too nervous. The mayor will be there along with my colleagues and other members of the city and organizations.