Sunday, September 11, 2011


Studding is the rage this season!
Everything from studded bags, studded dresses, studded shoes, studded jeans, you name it.
Ive been obsessed for months about studs on clothes,shoes and accessories! 
Now you can rake your closet for old plain tshirts, jean shorts and other items you find that might need a little upgrading, 
just follow this easy guide and get creative!
Its actually SO much easier than you'd think.
First you may need some studs, you can purchase these at most craft stores. 
I found a great selection on a website called
It may seem on the site like studs are just for bikers and rock chicks, but the look is so popular and swaggish even with the highest of fashionistas! 

What you need: STUDS
 ( I recommend this size,  you'll need 100 studs aprox.)


1. Cut the left side of the pocket, leaving the seam intact. 

2. Place the glass under the denim, to tighten the fabric, it will be easier to add the studs

3.Hold the fabric while you insert the studs

4. Seal every new stud you add. I recommend using the same hole for the next stud so they wont fall apart (see the picture above)

5. Continue adding studs until the pocket is fully covered

6.  Rock out

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