Monday, September 12, 2011

The Designer

Before i die, actually before December of 2011 I will have a few pieces made.
It has always been my dream to become a designer. I use to practice it heavily when i was 15 , 16 ... 
I was so devoted to my fashion designs , to my clothing line that i even got it tatted on me.
Yes my first tattoo was at 16, my older brother marked it on me. 
the name of my clothing line then was going to be " LAVISH LUXURY "
the name is catchy , but it has now been used by LRG ...hence the name Luxurie by LRG and it has been snagged entirely by the lovely Heidi Klum for her maternity line ...Lavish Luxury
so i have been voicing new names... Maniac by Caheri Gtz for example.
  ...or something of that nature.
My line will consist a variety of styles, I love fashion, I hope this project comes along strong, I know this project will come along strong.

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