Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fashion has its many outlets.

in my favorite outfit 1994
Ive been obsessed with fashion since i can remember, I was so attracted
to colors, fabrics,cuts, and styles. When I was 15 I started designing
clothes, but even before that i was putting outfits together. As I got older i involved myself alot more. I helped style models for various photoshoots, including the NailsDid gig for the Vixens.
To cut the bullshit short, i just wanted to post some pictures up of my latest styling for the lovely Maricel Sacramento.
I want to venture off into fashion alot more and maybe promote styling people. Image is EVERYTHING and some people need a little extra hand to polish them up. If there is anything I am confident is putting an outfit together that expresses your style to the world and makes you FEEL and LOOK admirable.

I wanted to combine an outfit that would be casually glamourous to ease into the afternoon and then the night. Right now my favorite style is the hipster and not only is it my favorite but it is also trending world wide. So i wanted to respect my models style which is simple glam, but i also wanted to jazz her up with something trendy, It doesnt matter what brand you are dressing yourself with, what really matters is how you style yourself. So dont think that you need to be laced in designer from head to toe to look and feel good.

Accessories are the key components of your ensemble, I paired these huge circle gold earrings with the look. It is glamorous enough yet simple and doesnt take away from the outfit.

Small shoulder purses are a must have for this season. This purse/clutch compliments the look perfectly and the chain link is exquisite. The watch is also a key accession.

The shoes were clutch when coming up with this outfit. There is no time restriction with these booties you can pair them with any outfit from dawn to dusk and still look good.

Polka Dots and black & white are fashionably timeless, and essential during this season. A notch collar with a very simple sleeveless cut on this shirt. Also the cream colored sensation makes all of the pieces to this outfit pop.

 light blue washed jeans shorts were a must, its all about detail.

 Its all about how you sequence the look! 
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