Thursday, September 8, 2011

MTV's The World Of Jenks

A couple of weeks ago, MTV came to my job to film one of my colleagues Ms.Marilyn Harris of the Khadafy Foundation as well as Mr.Kevin Grant. Of course I was ecstatic because im young and im a big fan of MTV... its crazy because there were no plans of making me part of the show, but some how the producers heard about my story and came towards my office to ask if I would like to be a part of the filming that was taking place for MTV's The World of Jenks show.
Of course I said yes! 
So they had the team come and put a mic on me and had me sign an agreement
BTW... everything is so script! lol!
they planned everything out...they had me sitting at my desk and Mr.Kevin Grant is suppose to come out and look for me...he finds me and asks me to come into the conference room to meet some people ...
then he introduces me to them and i roll out with my story. 
I was pretty nervous and wasn't really feeling my outfit but oh well.
I made history Im excited to see that shit

The infamous Andrew "Jenks" Jenkins and I
random camera man

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