Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thrift Treasures for the fashionista

Thrift shopping tips

Thrift during the week: never expect to find much on a weekend because new items usually dont get put out on the weekends and all of the good items have been picked through, through out the week.

    2. Find a store in an urban neighborhood: Stylish people from many cultures often live in cities, which increase flavor and a wide variety of cool items that       you may find.

    3. Go with a friend who has similar style as you because two eyes are better than one and you guys can keep an eye out for items that you know each other will like, it also makes it easier and faster to hunt through all the racks!

    4. Give yourself enough time, you never want to go thrift shopping when you are in a rush because you wont be able to look through everything and you’ll end up missing out on some amazing pieces.

  5. Try everything on: it only take a few minutes and it will save you money! remember that just because it looks good on the hanger that doesnt necessarily means it will look good on you. I also suggest wearing something comfortable thats easy to take on and off when trying items on such as a dress or romper.

6. Keep your hands free: dont bring a bag that you have to carry by the handle, the best types of purses to bring would be a cross body bag that way you have your hands totally free to hunt!

7. check the plus size section: Even if you are not a pluz size person you can still find some amazing pieces in that section, such as dresses that can be belted , oversized tops and knits! 

8. Always scan the purses and shoes section: sometimes you can find designer bags and shoes in thift stores! i’ve once found an authentic chanel bag and a pair of dr.martens.

9. Do not be embarressed to thirft shop: remember its not about where an item came from, its about how you style it.

10: Keep in mind that every time you go thrift shopping, you’re not always going to find things that you like but don’t give up, wait a few weeks and try it again!

11. enjoy yourself: thrifting is a blast! if you’re a first time thrifter dont let the smell or the scattered clothes everywhere intimidate or overwhelm you. Think of thrifting as a treasure hunt and keep and open mind! You’ll be amazed with some of the pieces you’ll find! Remember “One mans trash is another mans treasure!”


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