Friday, June 3, 2011

Britney spears and christina augilera

I feel like im christina augilera in the late 90s, when britney spears was blowing up , from j14 posters to britney spears dolls even 3rd graders knew the words to her song and probaby even performed her songs in talent shows (cough cough* that was me). So anyways you get my point. In the mist of her success lingered a girl, a talented girl, by the name of christina augilera. And oddly enough christina was packed with real talent , hitting the real high notes no reverb. But yet people didnt recognize her and praised her as much as they idolized britney. (Sighs)
Well if we recall to my opening sentence, you might be scratching your head a little wondering where im going with this huh? Yes, annoyingly I feel like christina augilera right now, you see theres this girl. Shes cute, shes always been, from the first day I laid eyes on her. Yea she posed along the wall with boyfriend and his friends during summerschool one day at ehs. They called hef "keel". I almost felt threatend but I looked at her and looked and me and looked at him and said "psssh nevaa"
I didnt pay her no mind because i was a local celebrity,an internet sensation collecting groupies around the country. Groupies? YES. I became a bay area vixen during that time. I was a model, an elite party promoter, an icon, a sensational vixen. Now I had everyones attention including "keel"s. In fact keel became on of my avid followers, ditto-ing my steez, my crazy kid style, rockin the cat liner and other details like that. Comments on almost every picture, messages incinuating a meeting between the two of us.
Of course I thought I was too cool to give some one like her the time of day.

But now, shes the one whos too cool. Music videos, million dollar deal, mtv air time,fans galore. Music is something ive always wanted to do, and im actually good at it. Hey, no disrespect but I think I can do a better job than her at this new found career shes blowing into. Its kinda like shes britney spears and im christina augilera. I want to clarify that both britney and christina deserve their credentials, I love britney spears too , but as far as who the crown of musical talent goes to...yea its christinas.
Ultimatly I am happy for her , for "keel" I am.
I guess everything comes when the time is right. After all, britney fell through the cracks and christina bloomed and finally got the respect and recognition she always deserved. Its safe to say shes doing better than britney nowadays.

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