Friday, June 3, 2011

Daddy wasnt there

Once upon a time there was a young woman who became a mother to a daughter, who eventually grew up without a father.

Daddy wasnt there to take me to the fair when I was 5.

Daddy came into my life when I no longer felt him inside.

The thought of a perfect father has always lingered in the depths of my thoughts. But my perfect daddy didnt excist. I had visions of a king with a big smile who was intelligent funny caring and representable.

But when I met the good ol father , I was struck. I was more starteled at the fact that he was my biological father and I lawfully and naturally was his. I wasnt comfortable. And he didnt make me proud.

He is not the king I dreamt of , he is the peasant I cant ignore. As he approaches his later years I arrive with meloncoly.

This is my father. This is the man. Hes just a human, I can understand. Id like to judge him but theres no good in that.

-the daughter of a father.
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