Tuesday, June 14, 2011

confessions of a daughter who grew up without a father

I love my dad.
I am just like him.
we are very patient, very kind and very giving.
we are procrastinators and we are free souls.
I wont bite my tongue either, YES I wish my father would have played a bigger role in my life and I also wish my father would have supported us much more.I dont blame him in any way and i dont hold any grudges towards my daddy dear. life is too short and i am glad that i have him still and i know he is glad that i am his daughter. In fact out of the 4 kids that he has, any one will tell you that i am the most dedicated towards him. When a parent is missing in a childs life it affects the childs development tremendously. i wonder how my life would have been if a would have had a daddy. there are times where i fantasize about how my life wouldve turned out, would i had been able to go out ? when would i have started to date? how long could i stay out for? would i have gotten shot? would we be richer? poor? and why wont my father move from mexico to live out here with us? all these questions irritate me.
i love you father

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