Friday, June 3, 2011

you think you know but you have no idea , the november 2008 testimony

while at buttercups restaurant , i recieved a call from my mom.
"caheri im really tired from work and my feet are exhausted , can you go clean the office for me please, i really need you to." "yea mom watever i guess, bye" "bye"
i told my friend danny hey , can you give me a ride to the office over by nine-eight.of course he said yea.
i didnt want to be alone with him in this office while i was cleaning it so i called my best friend. " bitch come outside , come with me to the office"  within 20 minutes it was a party of three.
 we hopped on the freeway , rolled up some blunts sparked up a Newport and turned the bass up.
exit :golf links aka 98th.
as were coming down 98th im looking around at oakland. im high. but not worries in mind, except maybe the office and how severely dirty it might be.
we pass up e 14 coming down 98th.
just before we reach the light on 98th and san leandro

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