Friday, June 3, 2011

Rich shit

fuck what they say
im still real pretty
ive seen the world nikka city to city
its funny how so many claim to be the hardest
 im runnin' down yo chick
like im movin on target 
and I told you
i will never stop 
their hate flys 
like bullets pop pop
killas keep it quiet
my brother told me that
its the essentials baby
i aint here to beef
i keep my profile discrete 
cause i want a 
yacth , penthouse suite, silk sheets
christian louboutin on my pedicured feet
a foreign car for every day of the week

my nigga carry heat yallllll
mac -tek -nines -pump -straps and a nina 
im so exoctic sign me : wilhelmina 
and thats a model joint 
for hoes that didnt know
you glueing press ons bitch 
while im countin dough

my money dirty 
but it make me shine to clean
make the realest nigga wanna drop to his knees
and then beg pleassse
till im satisfied 
then ima smile
im killin it with my godamn style

you will never see me on ground level 
you bitches is ordinary
haaa, what i tell you

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  1. bitch you aint rich !! STFU

    1. OK "anonymous" ...but i really know who you are LMAO!!!! im still balling while you still stalking lol smh