Friday, June 10, 2011


i am typing anything that comes to my mind because then i will forget.

And I ask that if you have any information or any ideas or any suggestions, email me directly at

a website: i want a website with sick designing. this website will be for the purpose of marketing merchandise. as well as another outlet for networking. ultimately i want to buy clothes from locals and sell them on the net from this website. i would like it to be called  
Caheri's Closet
the first few pieces sold will be exclusively from my closet. this will include handbags,belts, shoes, accessories, little luxuries and of course clothes and couture.
i would like to feature models wearing the clothes.
which leads to the next opportunity: Models and photographer.
the styling will be done by me and probably my good friend.
so in others words we will all be benefiting. photographers will get their practices as well as their pictures published, models will get their experience as well as exposure.
its all about networking, its all about who you know not what you know, remember that.

thats a good look