Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy birthday mommy

Yup im officially lucifer! Haha just kidding. But happy birthday mommy. You mean the world to me , everything I do I do it for you. You inspire me to challenge myself and because of that im a strong bitch. You single mother you! Mom I wish you would never get old... I dont ever want you to leave me. I cant even begin to imagine I mean I dont even want to. Thinking back on memories when you cared so much for me and always wr my number one fan, you still are. U always encouraged and supported my dreams. Wow your such a sweet mommy. Im sorry for the years when I was a ghost at home and a bitch to your face. Your so patient so funny so sexy so cute so loving mommy. I cant wait to get richer and buy you some property and whatever else you want. Te quiero chikita bonita.
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